Resistance bands – Silicone or Fabric? Which and why

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When it comes to hip resistance bands there are 2 major categories: the silicone ones also named mini bands and the fabric ones, also called hip bands, hip circles or loops or just simply fabric resistance bands.

Silicone resistance bands

Silicone resistance bands

The silicone resistance bands come in different sizes and depending on the silicone thickness, different resistance levels. The thinner the silicone, the lower the resistance. Over the years I have encountered a lot of posts complaining about the silicone resistance bands and most of them were about two major problems: rolling up while working out and snapping or breaking, creating injuries.

None of the above-mentioned problems is to be ignored.

While working out you need to concentrate on your form, on the movement and will power to do more reps. If the band you are using is cutting into your leg you won’t be able to focus on anything else. If the band you are using is rolling and doesn’t stay put, you won’t be able to focus. So instead of enjoying your work out you’d be feeling hurt or annoyed and that alone is enough to ruin your work out.
Now, there are times when some of the silicone resistance band were reported to snap or break during work out, resulting in injuries like a black eye or even worse.

Fabric resistance bands

Fabric resistance bands

If you want to avoid all the above and benefit the most out of your work out, then you need to have a fabric resistance band. They are soft, wide, made of cotton and elastic compound and most important they won’t snap or break. Ever.

The triple stitching technology and the thick cotton and elastic compound that they are made of ensure a long life for the fabric resistance bands, preventing them for wearing off over the time.

When choosing a hip resistance band, you should do your research well, but if you’d ask us, we’d go for an adjustable fabric resistance band anytime 😊

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