S – M – L – Why not all of them into one?

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Fabric resistance bands were created as a solution for the problems that the silicone mini bands were having: they are too hard, they cut into your leg while working out and they snap easily. As the name suggests, a fabric resistance band is made of a cotton and elastic compound, it’s soft and super enjoyable while working out.

They usually come in 3 sizes (13”, 15”, 17”) and each size provides a different level of resistance. Basically, the smaller the size, the higher the resistance.

The problem with the sizing marketing is that is being done related to one’s body weight and here we beg to differ. Because different bodies can have the same weight, but not the same measurements. Some bodies are more muscular, others have a higher fat body percentage. Some people have different thighs measurements for the same weight. This results in confusing the people wanting to buy a fabric resistance band: will it fit me?

You can buy a single unit or a set, depending on the exercises you want to do BUT usually one needs at least 2 fabric resistance band for a complete lower body work out. Adding the fact that sizing is difficult to figure out, one is already near having a headache.

Adjustable resistance bandAnd therefore, the adjustable fabric resistance bands were created! They may be the best thing since sliced bread 😊

One adjustable band fits all body sizes, no matter their shape. One adjustable band provides all necessary resistance levels. Easy. No more hustle looking for the right size. No more hustle caring a set of 3 bands all over, losing them, mixing them, and most important: no more interrupting your work out to switch between bands.

One adjustable fabric resistance band is all you need for a full lower body work out. It’s that simple!

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