Is the high price worth it?

When it comes to price, every one of us has a personal way to relate to the subject. Someone famous once said “I am too poor to buy cheap stuff”. But then again, when it comes to hip resistance bands, we’re talking a $10 to $30 price range. Is that expensive? We think not.

Let’s dig deeper. For $10-$15 you get a set of 3-5 silicone mini bands. They can last up to 6 months (if they’re really good quality). But they come with a price: they cut into your legs and sometimes they break.

On the other end, a set of fabric resistance bands can be bought with $22-$35. Yes, they’re more expensive but they will last way longer and most important, they will make your work out so much more enjoyable.

However, you must do you research well. Just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. And this goes for the fabric resistance bands too. Not all of them are good quality.

Always search for good quality / price bands.

Another thing is that for both silicone and classic fabric resistance bands one needs to have a SET for a complete work out, as they come in different sizes and different resistance levels.

Good news is we’ve got you covered: if you want the BEST solution on the market, go for an adjustable fabric resistance band: it has all sizes and all resistance levels in just one band. And it’s less than $20. Win-win!