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The present invention relates to hip resistance exercise bands, circles or loops. More particularly, the invention relates to a size adjustment system for hip resistance exercise bands, circles or loops.



In the world of fitness accessories, there are several different types of resistance bands, circles or loops. Unfortunately, this field is divided. Some of them are cheap made and do not provide the quality or the safety needed for workouts. Also, users need different bands in different sizes in order to cover a wide area of exercises that can be performed using the resistance bands.

Some of such resistance bands are made of silicone, making them not only difficult to workout with because of rolling and almost cutting into the skin but also because they sometimes snap, causing possible injuries to the user working out.

In regards to the hip resistance bands, circles or loops, they are the next level resistance bands. They are made of a cotton and latex compound fabric, machine made in a form of band which is then industrially sewed into a form of a circle. The fabric composition ensures the elasticity needed for a resistance workout. Due to the fact that the fabric is soft they are ensuring not only a pleasant workout because they won’t roll or slip from a user’s body during the workout, but they are also safe because of the fabric composition and industrial sewing, preventing the band, circle or loop from snapping.

Hip resistance bands, circle or loops are mainly used for legs and glutes exercises. Depending on the exercise type or the body size of the user working out, they can be used around the ankles, calves or thighs.

While the hip resistance exercise bands, circles or loops are resolving the problems created by the silicone resistance band in terms of a comfortable and safe workout, they are limited in terms of sizes or resistance levels. They are usually available in 3 sizes: L (17” diameter), M (15” diameter) and S (13” diameter). These sizes were created to suit different body sizes and fitness levels. The bigger the diameter of a circle band, the lower the resistance, making them not suitable for people with increased fitness level. The smaller the diameter, the more increased resistance but sometimes people with bigger thighs cannot use the standard S size because it’s too small for their thighs. Hence, for a complete workout, one user needs at least 2 of them sizes. To change bands, one has to take off one band and put on another. Being that these bands are actually circles, sometimes it can be difficult to repeatedly step in and out from one band to another, even injuries can occur from accidentally stumbling upon the band.

Therefore a need exists for a size adjustable system that can ensure size adjustment for hip resistance bands, circles or loops, making one single resistance band, circle or loop suitable for all body types and all fitness levels and also allowing a wide range of exercises to be performed without the need to interchange bands for different sizes.



The present invention comprises a size adjustment system for hip resistance exercise bands, circles or loops. The system may comprise one or more fabric straps and one or more buckles or rings. The buckle or rings allow the fabric strap to slide and adjust the hip resistance exercise band, circle or loop to the desired size and then safely lock the fabric strap into the chosen position. Once the size is adjusted, the fabric strap is locked by the buckle or rings system into the position. After the size adjustment is done, the fabric strap can be fastened by a hook & loop system, to prevent it from hanging out. To unlock the fabric strap, the buckle or the rings need to be pulled into one direction.